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Wilcare • Wilcare • SKU: 210000002775

Eton Riser Recliner

Eton Riser Recliner

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Motor Option
Chair Size
Please see the specifications for sizes. Should you not be sure which size is right for you, please contact our team of advisors. We offer instore, home or virtual consultations.
Fabric Colour
Free Courier Delivery 10-14 Working Days (Made to Order Item)
Engineered Delivery 3-4 Weeks (Made to Order Item)
Free Courier Delivery 10-14 Working Days (Made to Order Item)
Engineered Delivery 3-4 Weeks (Made to Order Item)
Free Courier Delivery 10-14 Working Days (Made to Order Item)
Engineered Delivery 3-4 Weeks (Made to Order Item)
Free Courier Delivery 10-14 Working Days (Made to Order Item)
Engineered Delivery 3-4 Weeks (Made to Order Item)
Free Courier Delivery 10-14 Working Days (Made to Order Item)
Engineered Delivery 3-4 Weeks (Made to Order Item)
Free Courier Delivery 10-14 Working Days (Made to Order Item)
Engineered Delivery 3-4 Weeks (Made to Order Item)
Free Courier Delivery 10-14 Working Days (Made to Order Item)
Engineered Delivery 3-4 Weeks (Made to Order Item)
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Engineer Delivery options available at checkout.
If this item is available for engineered delivery and you want to have this item fully assembled and be provided a full demonstration handover by one of our trained engineers, then select Engineered Delivery at Checkout.
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About the Eton Riser Recliner

Discover the epitome of relaxation with the Eton Riser Recliner, meticulously designed by Wilcare to redefine your seating experience. Uniting cutting-edge technology with stylish aesthetics, the Eton is not just a chair – it's a haven of comfort tailored to your every need.

Choose the level of customization that suits you best with the Eton's innovative motor options. The single motor seamlessly adjusts the recline and riser functions, while the dual motor adds an extra layer of flexibility, allowing independent control of the backrest and footrest for a truly personalized experience.

Crafted with precision and elegance, the Eton features plush, easy-to-clean upholstery that not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability for long-lasting comfort.

Effortlessly transition from sitting to standing with the touch of a button. The Eton's riser function is designed for individuals with mobility challenges, providing independence and ease of use.

Tailor your comfort with the Eton's fully adjustable reclining feature. Whether you prefer an upright position for reading or a laid-back recline for watching TV, the Eton caters to your relaxation preferences.

Enjoy the tranquillity of your space with the Eton's whisper-quiet motors. Experience the seamless transition between positions without any disruption, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed atmosphere.

The single motor simplifies the chair's functionality, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a user-friendly experience.

The dual motor option allows the user to indulge in the luxury of independent control over the backrest and footrest, allowing you to find the perfect position for ultimate relaxation.

Invest in your well-being with the Eton Riser Recliner. Elevate your comfort and enjoy the benefits of a chair designed for you. Act now to experience the epitome of relaxation – order your Eton today and transform your living space into a sanctuary of luxury and tranquillity.

Lead times for Standard Eton Chairs are 10-14 Working Days*

The Eton as standard comes in all three sizes: petite, standard and grande.
(Please see specification for dimensions below).

The in stock Standard Eton comes in one fabric choice, Montana Floral Oatmeal. Should you wish to view the alternate bespoke made to order fabrics, please see the Downloads section.

Back Options*

The in stock Eton comes with the Waterfall Back Option. This chair can be made with the Button or lateral style back, however lead time will be 3-4 Weeks. Please contact one of our team to inquire or to place your order, should you want a lateral or waterfall back.

Lead times for Bespoke Fabric Made to Order Chairs are between 3-4 Weeks*

Embark on a personalised journey with MobilityCo as you explore the bespoke made-to-order chair options.

In the Downloads section below, you'll find an extensive fabric range to choose from, allowing you to tailor your chair to match your unique style and preferences.

Once you've identified the perfect fabric for your dream chair, you have the option to request a swatch sample for a further reference. Please contact our team by live chat, email or phone to request a swatch sample. 

When you're ready to transform your selection into reality, simply reach out to our team of dedicated product advisors via phone who can seamlessly process your order.

Please note that the lead time for our bespoke fabric made-to-order chairs is between 3-4 weeks, ensuring that each piece is meticulously crafted to meet our high standards of quality and your individual specifications. Elevate your comfort with Wilcare – where customisation meets craftsmanship.

Lead times for Bespoke Made to Measure Chairs are between 3-4 Weeks*

At MobilityCo, we understand that comfort is not one-size-fits-all. That's why we proudly offer a personalised made-to-measure experience, allowing you to indulge in the ultimate relaxation with a riser recliner that fits you perfectly.

How it Works:

  1. In-Store Consultation: Step into one of our stores and experience the luxury of a one-on-one consultation with our knowledgeable product advisors. They'll take precise measurements, ensuring that your riser recliner is tailored to your exact specifications. This hands-on approach ensures a perfect fit and guarantees the utmost comfort.

  2. At-Home Measurement Appointment: For our customers within a one-hour radius of our Macclesfield HQ, we bring the customisation experience to your doorstep. Our expert product advisors will conduct a thorough measurement session in the comfort of your own home, ensuring that your made-to-measure riser recliner suits both your space and your unique needs.

  3. Virtual Consultation: Should you not be able to come to our store or us to you, then embrace convenience without compromising precision through our virtual consultation option. Our product advisors guide you through the measurement process via video call, ensuring that you obtain accurate measurements for your bespoke riser recliner. Distance is no longer a barrier to achieving the perfect fit.


Back Height Petite: 27" / Standard: 30" / Grande: 30"
Max User Weight 19 Stone
Leg Lift Max Weight 45 Kg
Overall Width Petite: 30" / Standard: 32" / Grande: 35"
Overall Length Petite: 33" / Standard: 35" / Grande: 35"
Overall Height Petite: 43" / Standard: 48" / Grande: 48"
Seat Height Petite: 16" / Standard: 18" / Grande: 18"
Seat Width Petite: 18" / Standard: 20" / Grande: 20"
Warranty 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Seat Depth Petite: 18" / Standard: 20" / Grande: 20"
Motor Type Single or Dual
  • Hand Made here in the UK
  • Modern Contemporary Design
  • Bespoke Fabrics Available
  • Made to Measure Available
  • Lateral or Button Backs are Available
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Additional Accessories Available
  • Regain Your Independence at Home
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I need to choose engineered delivery for my new chair?

The short answer would be no, however, we would advise choosing engineered delivery at checkout, as these items are heavy, and having a qualified engineer deliver, install and demonstrate your chair to you will make for a much more pleasant experience.

What happens if I don't like my bespoke made to order riser recliner?

All bespoke made to order riser recliner chairs are classed as special order and are therefore not able to be returned. Should you have ordered one of the standard fabric chairs, then these item's are able to be returned within the stated returns policy.

Can I choose to add heat and massage later?

Unfortunately no, we advise that any additional accessories required be ordered at the time of you ordering your new chair.

Does this chair have battery back up?

Yes, all riser recliners sold by MobilityCo have the battery back up, which means, should your home encounter a powercut, then the chair won't just stop, the battery back up will kick in, reducing the risk of the user just being stuck backright for example in the chair. Battery back up won't last continuously and we advise that should you encounter a powercut, then simply use the chair to get the chair back to it's upright position.

How long is the warranty on this chair?

The warranty is 5 years. The Eton is a British Made Chair and most British Manufacturers provide longer warranty lengths due to a higher quality build and a more premium product.

How do I choose a bespoke fabric?

We would recommend going to the downloads section of this product, where you will be able to browse through the different fabric options available. The links will take you to Wilcare's swatch pages, where you will be able to see all the different colour options. Should you wish to have a physcial swatch sample sent out to you, please contact our team. You can also choose to have a virtual consultation with one of our product advisors, who will be able to show you the real fabric samples over a video consultation. Finally, when you have chosen your bespoke fabric, we will action your chair to be made, by hand might we add.

How do I know which size is right for me?

Choosing the right size typically will depend on three main measurements, the seat height, seat width and seat depth. We want the user to feel comfortable in their new chair, therefore our first piece of advice would be that if you're already sat in a chair at home which you find comfortable in terms of seat width, depth and seat height, then by simply measuring your chair at home, will give you a really good reference point to see which size option is right for you or a loved one. Should you not be able to measure the chair at home, then the 3 main measurements which we conduct on our customers in store or at their home are firstly, the measurement from the floor behind the foot up to the users hamstring, this should give us a good idea of the seat height. Next, we want to measure from behind the knee, along the upper leg to the users back, giving us the seat depth. Next to find the seat width, we usually do have our customer sit in one of our chairs to use as a reference, but if you don't have a chair handy to see what the right seat width would be, by simply measuring out the seat width options and holding up to the users hips, should allow you to see whether the user will fit. We don't want a chair that is too wide, making the customer feel like their sloshing around in the chair, but we also don't want a chair too snug. Usually having an inch gap of the user is ample space for them.

How do I get this chair made to measure?

To have this chair made to measure, you will have to contact one of our product advisors. We offer 3 main methods to conduct a made to measure consultation. We offer in store made to measure consultation, please contact our team to book an instore appointment. We offer at home made to measure consultations within 1 hour of our Macclesfield HQ. Finally, should you not be able to come to us, or us to you, then we offer 1 o 1 Virtual Consultations, where an advisor will show you in detail, how to measure the user with a tape measure to find the perfect chair size.

What is the cost to remove an old existing piece of furniture?

We charge an additional £50 for our engineers to remove your old furniture, this is simple due to the fact that we need to allocate space in our vans, furthermore, our engineers will need to on most occasions spend time, dismantling the old riser recliner or sofa for example.

How long does a bespoke fabric chair take to make and deliver?

We recommend allowing up to 4 weeks for your bespoke fabric chair to be manufactured and delivered