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Welcome to MobilityCo's Repairs and Service – your dedicated partner in ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your mobility equipment. At MobilityCo, we recognise the vital role that seamless mobility plays in your daily life. Our commitment is to provide timely, reliable, and high-quality repairs and aftersales support, so you can stay mobile with confidence.

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Please note engineer visits can take up to 5 working days depending on your location

Engineer & Aftersales Fees:

  • Local Call Out - £40

    If you are within 1 hour radius of our Macclesfield Head Office, we charge a flat fee of £40 for an engineer call out, including 30 minutes on site to assess and repair.

  • National Call Out - £110

    For customers outside a 1 hour radius of our Macclesfield Head Office, we charge a flat fee of £110 for an engineer call out, including 30 minutes on site to assess and repair.

  • Longer than 30 Minutes

    Should a visit take longer than 30 minutes, then our engineers will charge a flat rate of £20 for every extra 30 minutes.

  • Can't be Fixed on Site?

    Should upon our engineer visiting, we deem that your item is not fixable on site, then our engineer will inform you what the available options are to get your item fixed.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if your engineer upon their visit, realises they can't fix my equipment?

If our engineer deems that your equipment is not fixable upon their visit, then our engineer will firstly check to see if they can deem which parts need replacing and they will be able to contact head office who will be able to supply you a price to revisit and fit the faulty parts.

If our engineer cannot identify upon their visit which parts are faulty and a more thorough investigation is required back at one of our repair hubs, then the fees to transport your equipment back to one of our hubs will apply. Should you need your equipment redelivered back to you, then we will have to charge for redelivery also.

Why do you charge more for customers further away than 1 hour?

Unfortunately, due to our head office being located in Macclesfield, Cheshire, we have to decide on a cut off distance to charge more for customers further away. A flat fee of £110 for customers outside of a 1 hour radius covers our cost to send a van and an engineer to the customer and back again.

Do I have to pay for an engineer call out or repair, if my product is faulty under warranty?

All our products come with a minimum 12 months manufacturers warranty. The manufacturers warranty does not unfortunately cover you for any labour charges, such as call outs or repairs.

Meaning, should your item become faulty due to a manufacturing defect, that wasn't your fault, the manufacturer will supply the replacement part to resolve your issue, however, they won't cover our costs to provide the labour to fix your item.

This is why we offer all our customers a premium warranty cover service from only £9.99 per month, or £99 for 12 months. This premium warranty service means, that if you should have a fault caused by a manufacturing defect, then you won't be charged a penny for any labour or call outs for up to 4 times per year.

What happens if your engineers have fixed my equipment, but the same issue appears a short time later?

If on the rare occasion, our engineer team haven't quite resolved your issue, and you are still experiencing issues, then no charge will be applied to re-attempt to fix your equipment.

How long will it take for an engineer to visit me?

Engineer call out times vary dependent on where the customer is located. We can service more swiftly, customers within a 1 hour radius of our Macclesfield Head Office.

For customers outside a 1 hour radius, engineer call out's can take between 5-7 days.

If you need your mobility equipment seen to quicker, you can contact your local mobility retailer.

Can you fix my mobility equipment, even if I haven't bought it from you?

Yes, we can fix your mobility equipment even if you haven't bought it from us. However, this is dependent on what make and model your equipment is, as we are limited to a certain product range and certain suppliers. Our engineer team will politely tell you if we cannot service your equipment.

Secondly, if you haven't bought your equipment from us, we cannot uphold the warranty on your item, and thus will charge you the cost for any new parts and labour.

I have insurance on my mobility equipment, how do I go about claiming for any repair?

We work primarily with Mark Bates Ltd, the number 1 supplier of insurance cover for your mobility equipment.

If you have insurance through Mark Bates on your scooter, powerchair or wheelchair, Mark Bates will cover the costs for any repair, so long as it falls within their parameters.

The process to claim any repair under your insurance, is to firstly contact Mark Bates, explaining your issue. They will then inform you if they will cover the cost for your repair. If they will cover the repair, then we will provide you a quote and costing for the repair, to which you we will charge you, and then Mark Bates will reimburse you for the costs

Are there any parts of the UK which your engineers cannot visit?

Our engineers cannot visit Northern Ireland or any of the isles. We still service all mainland UK, including the Highlands and Wales.

We can still supply parts to any of our customers, no matter where you may be located, we just can't physically send an engineer to Northern Ireland or any of the isles.

Servicing Prices

We offer servicing on all new and used mobility equipment. When you book your equipment in with MobilityCo for a service, you can be rest assured that our highly qualified team of engineers will be thorough, making their way through their checklists for each item they service and assess.

Should you wish to book your item in for a service, please see the prices for the different types of equipment we can assess.

  • Profiling / Electric Bed: £60.00
  • Bathing Lift: £45.00
  • Hoisting Equipment: £75.00
  • Manual Wheelchair: £40.00
  • Powered Wheelchair: £65.00
  • Specialist Powered Wheelchair: £80.00
  • Mobility Scooter: £65
  • Riser Recliner Chair: £50

Any call out fees to conduct a service on site, or to collect and redeliver your equipment will apply. Should you be able and willing to bring your mobility equipment to one of our repair hubs, then no collection and redelivery fees will apply. Please contact our aftersales team to schedule a service.

  • Local Collection (within 1 hour radius): £25
  • Local Re-Delivery of Equipment (within 1 hour radius): £25
  • National Collection (Outside 1 hour radius): £80
  • National Re-Delivery of Equipment (Outside 1 hour radius): £80


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with care homes?

Yes! We work with a number of independent care homes and groups around the UK. We understand that care homes and similar organisations such as hospitals, charities, medical centres and more will require their equipment to stay in tip top shape.

We offer individual equipment prices or catered care home packages, in which for a monthly fee we will provide free call outs and servicing all year round. Please contact our aftersales team to learn more.

Will you tell me the cost to replace any faulty parts before doing any work?

We will always offer a 100% transparent service. Should your equipment require any replacement parts to get the issue resolved, then we will inform you of the cost to replace and fix your equipment before doing any work.

Do I legally require a service for my equipment?

In short no. There is no law that states that you are legally required to have an annual service conducted on your mobility equipment. You can opt not to have your equipment serviced during the lifetime of it's use.

We however recommend booking your equipment in for an annual service once a year, to make sure your item is working properly and thus this prevents any avoidable issues later down the line which might require costly repairs.

Will I be reminded when my annual service is due?

For all new equipment we sell, our team will send a SMS reminder to your mobile to highlight that your equipment is due for it's annual service.

For all second hand equipment or for customers that bought their item elsewhere, you will have to book your own service in by contacting our aftersales team.

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Looking After Your Powered Mobility Equipment

The main component in looking after any equipment that relies on its batteries to get them from A to B, is of course to look after the batteries.

Here are the main principles to follow:

  • When first receiving your item, charge your battery for a minimum of 14 hours.
  • Avoid running your batteries completely flat.
  • Avoid short burst charges (i.e., 2-3 hours). 
  • If using daily, a good habit is to charge your battery each night ready for the next day.
  • If using once or twice per week, then charging 1-2 times per week is perfectly fine.
  • Don't leave your batteries idle without charge for a long period of time.
  • If storing for a period of time, fully charge your battery for a minimum of 14 hours.
  • Only use the charger that was provided. 
  • Try to keep your scooter or powerchair dry and indoors if possible.

Finally, we always advise that our customers adhere to getting their mobility equipment booked in for an annual service. This allow us to check over and make sure your equipment is working properly.