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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at my specialist assessment consultation?

We offer three main methods when conducting a consultation for our customers:

  • By Phone
  • By Virtual Consultation
  • In Store or At Your Home Consultation

Our team will arrange to contact you at a time of your convenience whereby they will be able to conduct and perform their demonstration and assesment based off what product you have inquired about.

Certain product require measurements to be taken, to ensure that your new mobility equipment is perfect for you, as well as many questions will be asked about your requirements to determine which product will be suitable to meet your day to day needs, and for the equipment to perform properly, whether being used in doors or outdoors.

Our main goal is to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your new purchase and that every consideration has been taken to make sure that your product performs perfectly for your needs.

Can I change my mind or cancel my order after I paid for my specialist product?

We take our time and are extremely diligent in making sure that we do our jobs correctly in helping you find the perfect mobility item for your needs.

Once you have submitted your order, there isn't a lot that we can do unfortunately to cancel your order should you have a change of heart. This is due to our manufacturer partners will begin to build your bespoke item and thus cancellations aren't permitted.

What happens if my item arrives and is different to what I was specified and quoted for?

This shouldn't happen as we run through each line of the specification with our customers explaining what each feature or item is and what it does. We get each customer to sign off after their consultation to make sure they are happy.

If for some bizarre reason your item arrives different to what you have been specified then we will communicate with our manufacturer partners and resolve why there might have been a discrepancy on what has arrived.