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A Homelift will transform your life, helping you to regain independence and freedom to move around your home easily. In addition, our dedication, customer service and after-sales support means you can trust us to find the right solution for your needs.

Adapt your home with minimal disruption at a fraction of the cost of moving. Add value to where you live now and future-proof it to suit your changing needs by upgrading your home and lifestyle with one an affordable and attractive homelifts, so you can live happily ever after in the home that means so much to you and your family.

Redefining Independence at Home

Investing in a through floor home lift allows you to remain mobile and independent, all whilst staying in the home you love.


Home Lift Products

  • Cygnus

    the Cygnus’ self-supporting design requires minimal construction work which means it can be installed and ready to use in just a few days. If you’re worried about how a lift will look in your home, rest assured that the Cygnus’ compact footprint and neat design can be customised in a range of elegant finishes to suit your decor.

  • Aurora

    For a stylish and practical alternative to a stairlift, the Aurora homelift is easy to operate with in-car and wireless landing controls. It can be equipped with safety features including an in-car emergency phone to give you peace of mind during travel.

  • Stratus

    Perfect for wheelchair users, the Stratus has half-height panels and uses the absolute minimum space in your home.

    It is simple to operate thanks to in-car and remote controls and can be fully equipped with safety features. Optional features include custom colours and wraps, and a folding seat for able-bodied users who must use the lift in a seated position.

1 Year UK parts & labour guarantee.
Nationwide fitting & maintenance.
Emergency fitting available across UK.
Wide choice of upholstered colours.

Designed & Built in The UK

For over 30 years our Home Lift Partners have designed, installed, tested and maintained through floor lifts across the UK and Ireland.

Simply put: proven expertise and experience. Safety and comfort are key considerations for anyone with a mobility access issue, either professionally or personally.

We understand that. We share those concerns. Our approach can best be expressed as, You first, solution second.

Aesthetics matter to us also as much as they do to you. A great effort is put into designing and creating elegant solutions that fit harmoniously with their surroundings, from historic buildings to modern homes.

Personalse Your home lift

Home Lift Features

  • Seat options

    Choose from Fixed, Perch, Tip up, and Heavy Duty styles according to the users’ needs.

  • Easy to operate

    In-car light, mirror and illuminated controls as standard. Remote control call stations, in-car telephone and diagnostic displays are available in all home lifts.

  • Powerful lifting capability

    Our homelifts carry up to 255kg making them ideal for transporting a wheelchair user and their carer at the same time, or for transferring heavy or cumbersome items such as suitcases.

  • Smooth and quiet operation

    Soft start/stop facility as standard and the traction drive system is quieter by up to 19%


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to install my homelift?

This depends on your choice of lift and home but it can be as little as one day. Generally, it takes 1-2 days.

How much space does a homelift need?

Homelifts come in a range of sizes to suit individual needs as well as the available space in your home.

What happens if my homelift breaks down?

Your homelift comes with a 12-month warranty for all parts and labour. In the unlikely event of a breakdown a support team are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

How often should I service my homelift?

In order to keep your homelift in the best working order we recommend a service once per year. Your 12-month warranty includes one service to make sure it is operating efficiently. After this, we offer a full range of service contracts designed to give the correct level of maintenance and additional peace of mind to provide servicing and prevent or cover unexpected breakdowns.

Does my lift come with a warranty?

A fully comprehensive 12 month warranty on all parts and labour is included with every homelift for complete peace of mind.

What happens if there is a powercut?

In the event of a power cut, your homelift has a dedicated battery back up which will always return you to the ground floor where you can exit the car using a manual release.

How easy is the lift to use?

Your homelift is incredibly easy to use. With only 4 main buttons, two of which will action the lift to go up and down and the other two to action the lift to stop or for the doors to open, we're sure you'll cope with using your lift.

What happens if the lift has been left upstairs, and i'm downstairs?

This is a common occurrence when two or more members of a household use the stair lift. A homelift is supplied as standard with 2 remote controls, so you can leave one upstairs and one downstairs. By simply pressing the remote control located on the top or bottom floor, the lift will be brought to wherever you need it.

What if something gets in the way of the homelift?

The homelift has safety sensors which automatically and safely stop the lift if anything is detected in its path.

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