The ultra-slim powerchair that you won't grow out of.

From cluttered classrooms to hectic hallways, the Q300 M Mini Teens is so ridiculously compact and manoeuvrable, it'll easily fit into your daily life (not the other way around). 

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TRUE Mid-Wheel-Drive Technology

TRUE mid-wheel-drive is when the powerchair‘s drive wheels are aligned central to its length. If positioned towards the front or rear, the turning circle is wider (as there‘s more of the powerchair to swing around). There‘s also less weight on the drive wheel, reducing traction. The Q300 M Mini Teens provides the most-compact turning circle with increased traction thanks to its TRUE mid-wheel drive design.

Tiny 1120mm Turning Circle

Thanks to its TRUE mid-wheel-drive technology, the Q300 M Mini turns on the spot for an ultra-small turning circle of just 1120 mm. In comparison, RWD and FWD powerchairs need to ‘swing’ around on its front or rear drive wheels, so the turning circle is wider.

Short 1060 mm Base Length

At just 1060 mm in length (with centre-mount legrest), the Q300 M Mini conveniently fits in-and-out of the smallest lifts and tight spaces with ease. It’s also light enough (from 103 kg) to be compatible with most floor lifts too.

Easy Transfers

Struggling with transfers? Available with a variety of swing-away leg rests, armrests and controllers, the Q300 M Mini Teens will give you the extra space to get closer to objects like tables and chairs.

Get comfortable.

Intelligent Seating

  • Climb Kerbs of up to 70 mm

    Don‘t you hate it when there‘s no drop-kerb in sight? Thankfully the Q300 M Mini with its 300 mm (12“) drive wheels can handle kerbs of up to 50 mm so there‘s no need to take the long way round. Need to handle something a bit trickier? Upgrade to 355 mm (14“) drive wheels and tackle kerbs of up to 70 mm.

  • Z Finity Footplates

    Adjustable between 160mm above the seat pan to 480mm below, these footplates provide the support growing teenagers need. Infinitely adjustable along its rotational arc, multiple angles and placement options for positioning the feet, ankles and knees can be achieved.

  • Powered Lift & Tilt

    Reach new heights with 300 mm of seat lift and get to everyday objects that would otherwise be out of grasp. You can also transfer easier thanks to being in a higher position to stand from. Plus, with 30° of tilt, you can sit back and enjoy greater relaxation and pressure distribution too

  • Elevate & Drive with C-Me

    Say goodbye to waiting around or driving at reduced speed when elevated. With C-Me, you can raise up to 300 mm and drive up to 4.8 kph all at the same time! Now you can keep up with your friends at their pace and be at eye-level all with a touch of a button (with no need to stop).

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Deeply-contoured for comfort, this backrest has tension adjustable straps that can be easily adjusted to follow and support a variety of postural shapes. the deep laterals are also integrated inside the backrest, so not only will they provide constant trunk stability, they also won’t move or slip over time either.


Top Speed 4 mph | 6 mph | 8 mph
Range Up to 22 Miles
Back Height 385 - 510 mm
Total Product Weight Incl Batteries From 103 kg (41Ah batteries)
Overall Width 520 mm (12" Drive Wheels) | 540 mm (13" Drive Wheels) | 570 mm (14" Drive Wheels)
Overall Length From 1060 mm
Off Board Charging No
Wheel Size Castors: 7" / Drive Wheel: 12" | 13" | 14"
Suspension Yes
Swivel Seat No
Turning Radius 22"
Head Light Yes
Max Climbing Gradient
Seat Height 410 - 470 mm
Seat Width 280 - 400 mm
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturers Warrant
Seat Depth 360 - 500 mm

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