Live your life without limits, with The Smoov 010 Powerpack.

With the power to do more, the Smoov 010 will take you further with ease. The SMOOV takes you to places that you‘ve always wanted to go. It is reliable on all kinds of different surfaces.

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Easy Going. All Day, Every Day!

Save your energy with the SMOOV one. With the power assist, every day challenges like curbs and taking the bus are like child's play

Goes Wherever You Go

The SMOOV one is perfect for on the go and gives you a helping hand whenever you run out of steam. Small, compact and lightweight, the Smoov is easy to store and travel with when going abroad etc.

Across all types of terrain

The SMOOV one helps you over uneven ground surfaces and on slopes up to 16%. Feel empowered when the Smoov is attached to your wheelchair and have greater confidence in knowing that you can go further and overcome obstacles or terrains you couldn't before.

Hands free for the more beautiful things in life

With the SMOOV one you can concentrate on what truly matters. On trips, in the office and in the city.

The Perfect Companion for Your Mobility

  • High Performance

    It comes with a swivelling drive wheel for dynamic driving, maintains a constant speed, and manoeuvre even on uneven surfaces. The Smoov provides a range of about 20 km with 7.2 kg weight. Ideal for those that wish to have a powered option for indoors aswell as outdoors.

  • Easy to Use

    The Invacare SMOOV One is designed to attach easily to various wheelchairs, and it comes with a Bluetooth hand control unit, making it easy for active users to operate conveniently. SMOOV One wheelchair power pack can be used on foldable and non-foldable wheelchairs.

  • Easy Adjustable Controls

    The control unit is designed to provide you with on-demand power. With it, you can effortlessly turn it on, adjust the speed, or turn it off at any time with just a tap. You can also keep track of the remaining battery life of the control unit and your SMOOV one on the display. The control unit can be mounted on either the left or right side.

  • Smart Phone App

    With the SMOOV one connected to your smartphone, adjusting the settings, keeping an eye on battery life, and your range is easy to do. Add on features, such as navigation, are also available for easier trips and a better ride. Get even more out of your SMOOV one.

Or call us 0333 444 3160.
Easily Docked & Undocked


Top Speed 6.2 mph
Range 12.5 Miles
Max User Weight 22 Stone
Total Product Weight Incl Batteries 7.2
Battery Type 6.2
Tyres Solid
Max Climbing Gradient 6.3°
Warranty 2 Years Manufacturers Warranty

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How to connect the Smoov 010


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the Smoov fit my Wheelchair?

    Although the Smoov is compatible with a large range of Active Wheelchairs, folding and rigid, we advise contacting our team so that we can inform you on whether or not the Smoov will fit your current wheelchair. If you are looking for a new wheelchair, then we are more than happy to assist finding you the perfect wheelchair for you, which is compatible with the Smoov.

  • How do I order the Smoov?

    Unlike a lot of our products which can be simply bought online, we require our customers to contact us when they wish to make an order. This is to prevent customers buying this item and the Smoov not being compatible with their wheelchair. We can communicate by live chat, phone, email or by simply visiting us in store.

  • Can I spread the cost of this purchase?

    Certainly! We offer finance options to make the purchase of this item more accessible and affordable. Contact one of our team today to find out how.

  • Can the Smoov go on an airplane?

    Yes. The Smoov 010 is airline compliant and can travel with you and your wheelchair via air travel.

Overcome Obstacles More Easily

Kerbs, thresholds, or hills? No matter the obstacle, SMOOV one helps you to navigate your life effortlessly and saves you energy. With a range of up to 12 miles, the SMOOV one’s powerful motor can handle up to 22 stone and get you to your destination stress free. The SMOOV one features an integrated lithium ion battery pack. Keeping the battery charged is also easy. Use the easy-connect, magnetic charger and just plug the cord into a standard outlet.

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