Th Rea Azalea is the market leader in tilt in space wheelchairs, tried and trusted the world over.

The wheelchair is designed to accommodate a range of positioning requirements.  Both tilt and recline are easily adjusted by attendant gas pistons for light and effortless positioning

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Key Features

  • Excellent seating comfort and many adjustment possibilities

    The comfortable seating system allows the patient to alter the seat positioning, ensuring maximum comfort at all times, thus combined with excellent driving characteristics make Azalea the ideal chair for the end user.

  • Better tilt and recline patient experience

    The Rea Azalea and Rea Azalea Assist have a 25° seat tilt and a 30° backrest recline contributing to improve the quality of life of the patient.

  • Comfortable and Safe Resting Position

    Weight shifting maintains the wheelchair stability no matter which seat angle the chair is.

  • An Adaptive and Evolutive Chair

    The large choice of accessories of Rea Azalea allows the chair to bring appropriate support solutions depending on the patient disease evolution along the patient`s life.

Or call us 0333 444 3160.
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