Precision-engineered to turn your energy into motion, so you can go further, faster and for longer.

The Nitrum is the lightest adjustable aluminium chair on the market at just 4.9kg lifting weight.

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Patented oval frame tubing

With fewer stress points due to its elongated sides, our unique oval tubing is stronger than round as it's less likely to flex under pressure. It's also lighter as the shape uses less material.

Premium 7020 Aluminium

Sculpted from high-strength 7020 Aluminium, the frame is specially heat-treated using our patented ShapeLoc technology, so the tubing can be significantly thinner and lighter without any sacrifice to its strength.

Hand Welded

Frame clamped castor links and cross-tubes can increase weight and cause energy loss through vibration. The NITRUM is hand-welded into one-complete frame, so you get a stiffer, lighter ride.

Backrest Bracket

The forged aluminium backrest bracket is extremely stiff, so it's significantly more energy efficient without sacrificing the adjustability of the backrest angle or height.

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  • The first Integrated LEDs with removable battery.

    Mounted on both castor arms and with  3 modes (high, low and blink), the integrated LED's will light-up your night. The power pack provides up-to 4 hours of run time and can be easily detached for recharging or to save you 110g weight. How’s that for bright?

  • The lightest in its class.

    This is innovative engineering at its best. We employ state-of-the-art materials and principles to minimise weight (from 7.5 kg) and maximise strength, so you need less energy to propel.

    The forged aluminium backrest bracket is extremely stiff,so it's significantly more energy efficient without sacrificing the adjustability of the backrest angle or height.

  • Patented castor-link

    Instead of multiple parts welded, the castor-link is one hollow-forged component. Stronger, lighter and completely adjustable, the castor angle (1) and height (2) can be changed to improve handling whilst you're in the wheelchair. The castor link length and angle are also personally-tailored to your wheelchair, for the very-best handling, turning and propulsion efficency.

  • A unique-twist to backrest folding.

    Just grab the patented Twist Lock bar with one hand and twist it to release, fold and load the chair into your car. With double-locking, you can also use the same bar to lift it. It'll also lock without removing your sideguards or low-profile cushion.

See the Nitrum in Augmented Reality

Experience the NITRUM in the real world. Just scan the QR code with your camera on your phone and select one of the pre-configurations personally selected by wheelchair users. Or, CLICK HERE.


Back Height 250 - 450mm
Max User Weight 19.6 Stone
Total Product Weight 7.5 Kg
Overall Width 490 - 860mm
Overall Length 770 - 930mm
Overall Height 620 - 950mm
Seat Height Front: 430 - 570mm | Rear: 370 - 500mm
Seat Width 320 - 500mm
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Seat Depth 340 - 500mm

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