The ultimate mid-wheel drive experience with the ability to stand.

Combining the Q700 M's high-performance mid-wheel drive base and a biomechanical, intelligent seating system with the health and social benefits of standing.

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Turning on its own axis, enjoy intuitive driving and excellent manoeuvrability in tight compact spaces with its narrow (620 mm) base and a 1100 mm turning circle. Also, easily sit under tables and access Wheelchair Adaptive Vehicles (WAVs) with a low seat height from just 445 mm.

High-performance Outdoor Suspension

Climb kerbs of up to 100 mm (4") and enjoy a stiff, and responsive ride with the revolutionary ProGrip suspension. With its independent movement of all six wheels, the front and rear wheels gives it the ability to crawl up and down steep obstacles whilst keeping all 6 wheels to the ground - even when ascending gradients of up to 10 degrees.

Gyro Tracking

The optional Gyro-Tracking System automatically detects and corrects the smallest deviation from your direction. By providing a pin-point accurate drive, it'll reduce the number of physical or cognitive actions required to keep your power wheelchair on-track, making for a less-demanding drive (especially if using special controls).


Style is a personal thing. That's why you have a choice of 7 colour accents to suit your personality. With hidden wiring and components combined with sharp-tailored upholstery, this is a power wheelchair that provides a truly sleek and minimalist silhouette from every angle.

Motors & Batteries

Enjoy power and speed at your fingertips with high-torque, 4-pole motors. Choose from 6 or 8 kph as standard, or upgrade to 10 or 12.5 kph (low torque) for the ultimate performance. Plus, with a choice of 60 Ah or 80 Ah batteries, you can maximise your range of up to 40 km and experience outdoor performance like never before!

Get comfortable.

Intelligent Seating

  • Memory Programming and Power Recline

    The Q700-UP M offers unparalleled indoor manouverability coupled with exceptional outdoor performance, featuring the independent movement and suspension of all six wheels. This ensures the highest level of comfort, safety and stability on diverse terrains which makes the Q700-UP M the best all rounder. Notably, this power wheelchair boasts an impressive driving range of up to 40 km and incorporates the most comfortable suspension system ever fitted to a power wheelchair.

  • Switch it Remote Seating App

    This useful app connects to your power wheelchair via Bluetooth and measures the duration of your seated position to improve pressure management. Set up alerts to notify you when it's time to change position and generate reports to send to your clinician to review.

  • 90º Center Mount Legrest

    The centre mount legrest gives a true 90º knee angle in a seated position. The ergonomic knee pad is also depth adjustable. Plus, the footplate can go all the way to the ground, so you’re able to do standing transfers.

  • Multi-Adjustable Armrest

    Height, width and angle-adjustable armrest can wrap around you, providing greater positioning possibilities whilst keeping your power wheelchair’s width as slim as possible.

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The benefits of standing.

The Q700-UP M allows you to stand whenever you want and offers many benefits for your health and lifestyle.

  • Improved pressure relief.
  • Enhanced function and access to your environment.
  • Improved range of motion and reduction of contractures.
  • Supports vital organ capacity and improves circulation.
  • Promotes bone health and reduces skeletal deformities.
  • Reduces abnormal muscle tone and spasticity.


Top Speed 4 | 5 | 6 | 8 mph
Range 25 Miles
Back Height 510 - 610mm
Max User Weight 18.9 Stone
Total Product Weight Incl Batteries From 180 Kg
Overall Width 620mm
Overall Length 1070mm
Overall Height 960mm - 1090mm
Battery Type Lead Acid
Battery Size 60 Ah | 80 Ah
Off Board Charging No
Tyres Solid or Pneumatic
Wheel Size Front: 7" | Rear: 12", 13", 14"
Suspension Yes
Swivel Seat No
Turning Radius 39.4"
Head Light Yes
Max Climbing Gradient 10°
Seat Height 450 – 480mm
Seat Width 400 – 500mm
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Seat Depth 400 – 540mm

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Access your Favourite Seat Positions

Say goodbye to the frustration of losing your preferred seating positions! Thanks to Memory Seating, you can effortlessly save and choose between up to 6 favourite positions, all at the flick of the switch on the switch box. No more navigating through menus – it's quick and straightforward. And if you need more than five functions, worry not! Each box allows you to assign up to 10 commands. Plus, with QUICKIE's assignable buttons, you have the flexibility to customise the function of any joystick button, including adding a second (long-press) function for swift and easy access to commonly used commands. Enjoy a more personalised and efficient experience!

  • Transfer
  • Relax
  • Seat Lift
  • Standing
  • Lie Down

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