What To Consider When Purchasing A Riser Recliner

3 min read Updated 22/01/2024
What To Consider When Purchasing A Riser Recliner

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When thinking about buying a riser recliner chair to buy, there is a lot more to consider then which colour might suit your home . Choosing the right size, back option, fabric and number of motors are the main areas to consider.

Choosing the right size chair

Getting the right sized chair is dependent on the users height and hip width. Chairs typical comes in three main sizes, small, medium and large. Measure the chair you sit on at home, if you can place a clenched fist either side of your body then this tells you if the seat is the correct width. As for seat depth, both feet should be flat on the floor and see if you can place two fingers behind your kneecaps whilst sat flush to the rear of the chair. If two fingers fit nicely behind your kneecaps, then this tells you that the seat depth is suitable. If you can't fit two fingers behind your knee caps, you may need to consider a shallower seat depth, and if there is too much room behind your knee caps, you may want to consider a deeper seat width. Ultimately, it comes down to the comfort and preference of the user. 

How many motors should my chair have?

When choosing how many motors your riser recliner chair should have, this is dependent on two criteria. Firstly what is the users capabilities like? If the user may struggle with a 6 button (triple motor) handset, then a single motor, two buttoned handset would be advisable, this is to simply control the riser function, and the recliner function. The second factor is what is your personal preference? If you would like more versatility and more control over the positioning of the back and leg rest then a dual or triple motor would suit you more. Please see our motor guide below.

Single Motor Riser Recliner:

Single motor riser recliners will only have two buttons on the handset which provides more simplicity for the user. One button rises the chair to help the user stand, whilst the other will lower the user down into firstly a seated position, then, if they carry on holding the button, the backrest will lower and the legrest will be raised to put the user in to a comfortable reclined position.

Dual Motor Riser Recliner:

Dual motor riser recliners provide the user more versatility. Exactly the same as a single motor riser recliner, in that there will be one main button to perform the raising motion to help the user stand, and one main button to perform the lowering and reclining motion. The dual motor feature, is that the second motor enable the user to independently adjust the backrest. Meaning they have more control about what seating position their back and legs are.

Three & Four Motor Riser Recliners:

Sharing all the described features of the dual motor riser recliners, four motor riser recliners will have a motor in the headrest and lumbar which allows the user to adjust the position of the headrest and lumbar support to their liking. This is more often beneficial to those who have curved spines, meaning they struggle to have their head touching the back of chairs, or people who wish to have more support on their lower back. 

What material should I choose?

Typically the only thing to consider when choosing the right material for your chair is whether the user suffers from incontinence or may spill liquids. If you wish to have a chair that is easier to clean and wipe down then a leather or leatherette (man made leather) would be advisable. If not, then the user can choose any material and colour they like.

If you are ever feeling unsure about which product might be right for you or a loved one, then we always advise calling one of our fantastic team who would be happy to answer any questions you might have. We do sell specialist riser recliners and bariatric products that do require assessment to understand the user needs in more depth. Please feel free at anytime to speak to one of our product advisors.

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