What To Consider When Buying A Wheelchair

3 min read Updated 22/01/2024
What To Consider When Buying A Wheelchair

 Find the Perfect Wheelchair for both Comfort and Convenience.

Choosing the right seat width.

When choosing the seat width their are largely three main size options: 16" / 18" / 20". In Lehman terms these can be translated to small, medium and large.

We would always advise measuring the seat or chair that they sit on at home, you should find that a good fit will allow the user to fit a closed fist either side of their outer thigh.

If the user is very petite, then a 16" width wheelchair would be a good fit.

An 18" wheelchair will be suitable for most users.

A 20" width seat will be suitable for larger individuals.

Where are you intending to use your wheelchair?

Ultimately when our customers choose a wheelchair, we want to make sure that first and foremost the person the wheelchair is for is comfortable. This is achieved by getting the right seat width, and if desired some wheelchairs have extra padded seats and variable height arm rests  to maximise the users comfort.

Next, we want to make sure that the person collapsing and picking the wheelchair up if needed has the strength to do so. This should be done by an able bodied person.

Thirdly we want to make sure that our customers consider the terrain the wheelchair will be used on. Larger wheels provide greater ride comfort and tackle uneven surfaces easier, like cobbles or rough pavements. All our wheelchairs come with solid tyres, so their is no risk of any punctures giving you further peace of mind.

Types of Wheelchairs


Transit wheelchairs feature smaller rear wheels, meaning that the attendant will be pushing the user. Perfect for those looking to be able to get out and about in their day to day life with the family or carer. Simple, compact and lightweight.

Self Propel:

Self-propelled wheelchairs mean that the wheelchair comes with larger rear wheels compared to a transit wheelchair. The larger wheelchair allows the user to independently propel and operate their wheelchair if they wish to. Larger wheels also have the added benefit of being removable on most models, making transporting the wheelchair easier.

A point to consider is that Self Propelled wheelchairs are also a suitable option for those not wishing to self propel themselves, but to be pushed by the attendant. Larger rear wheels can provide a more comfortable ride over rough or uneven terrain like cobbles and can make pushing easier.

Active Wheelchairs:

Active wheelchairs are designed and tailored  to the user, helping those who wish to have a wheelchair that allows them to stay active and mobile in their day to day life, become more mobile with comfort and confidence.

These wheelchairs are completely customised and tailored to the individual, meaning they require an assessment. They may look like any typical wheelchair, however they are all hand made to order and are extremely lightweight and portable, aiding people who wish to stay active remain mobile and independent.

Tilt In Space Wheelchairs:

Tilt in space wheelchair are suitable for those with very limited mobility and who might be situated in their chair for long periods of time. With certain features such as recline and tilt in space, these wheelchairs provide the variability to allow the user to reposition and change their seating position throughout the day. Furthermore, with added options of pressure relief and other supporting features, these chairs can be customised to the needs of the user or patient.

If you are ever feeling unsure about which product might be right for you or a loved one, then we always advise calling one of our fantastic team who would be happy to answer any questions you might have. We do sell specialist products that do require assessment to understand the user needs in more depth. In these circumstances we do offer the service of home assessments.

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